history and the constitution 1


The U.S. Constitution has significant and complex history. Each marker that led to the creation of the U.S. Constitution is important in terms of understanding frame, philosophical ideologies, and public policy considerations. American constitutional law has a life of its own. It has expanded, retreated, and changed as the needs of those it serves have changed. In a manner of speaking, it lives out society’s ideals.

Let’s make some connections. Looking at the history of the U.S. Constitution, identify three areas of significance and how you think those areas impacted the direction of the U.S. Constitution. Do you feel the concerns were adequately addressed for the nation, at that time, and moving forward as a new nation? Fast-forwarding to today, do you feel the key protections in the Bill of Rights provide the foundation to strike a balance between individual rights and societal needs? Use criminal justice examples to support your positions and conclusions.


  • 1. Describe how historical problems were managed in the evolution of the U.S. Constitution
  • 2. Identify three areas of concern in a historical context that were addressed by the U.S. Constitution
  • 3. Determine how the areas of concern were addressed by the Bill of Rights
  • 4. Illustrate the balancing of individual rights and societal needs through the use of criminal justice examples.

Special Instructions:

Create a 1 page essay in APA format according to the instructions above. Use 2 scholarly sources for references. Be sure to use in-text citations.

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