history paper

history paper.

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In Assignment 3, we ask you to write about America’s international superpower role for the long period since World War II to the present using a Writing Guide provided in Blackboard. Your paper must use a minimum of three sources from the list provided below. Your first step to completing this paper is to narrow down your topic by the subjects you select. Below you will find two lists—one refers to Cold War period (1947–1990) examples of confrontation and one list provides examples of confrontations occurring in the Post-Cold War period (1991–Present). Each example will involve a specific strategic concern and confrontation. Review the examples below and choose one strategic concern and one confrontation from each time period to focus on in your paper. Once you have chosen your examples, review the sources noted below. Besides this instruction sheet and the Writing Guide, be sure to review the other helps (documents or video) provided by your instructor. For information on the SWS format, see the “Strayer Writing Standards” tab on the course menu, usually at the lower left of your Blackboard course shell.

In this assignment, instead of choosing from different topics, you choose how to narrow down a larger topic by focusing on some specific issues and specific examples. Using the listed items provided, you get to choose how you do that narrowing of the focus of your paper.


history paper

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