i have project need be edit and correct mistakes

Hi all ,


i have MGMT class.. have project need to be edit and change ..



Your SWOT Analysis is very good. 

The Strategic Goal Section needs improvement. Each goal is followed by objectives which you have done but each objective should have action steps. You have some very good narrative but each objective has its own set of action steps. For example, go to Strategic Goal 3 Marketing. I would suggest that objective 1 is Community Outreach and then the narrative line about reaching as much of the student body and faculty. Following that your Action Plan steps would be in order. Free promotional meals could go there as well as attend local events. Use of Social Media could even be a separate Objective under Marketing. I do not really understand Core Competencies without clearly stating objectives with perhaps even a time line. Objective 1 Obtain Necesary Permits with steps.

Contact me if you do not understand. 

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