i have to answer these questions based on these chapters

i have to answer these questions based on these chapters.

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Part I:

Using the readings from the syllabus and making sure to use direct quotes from those readings, answer the following questions. Use the Jenkins, Greenblatt and Armstrong to answer these questions.

1.How does Jenkins define identity versus how others have defined the concept? Your answer should come from the first chapters of the Jenkins text. (300)

2.What is the relationship between “self” and “identity”? (Consider how selfhood depends on a transaction, or interaction) (300 words)

3.According to John Armstrong, what are the different forms “love” can take and how does he distinguish them from each other? (300 words)

4.What are different forms that non-fictional texts can take? What is one form a non-fictional text can never take? (75 words)

Part II:

In answering the following questions please use evidence (examples and quoted passages) from the source referenced in the question. You will also be graded on how well you apply the theories referenced in PART I to develop your answer (Jenkins and Armstrong).

5. Identify what forms of love are in King Lear and discuss the relevant characters that embody each form. How is that form of love key to their identity?

6. Discuss the tensions between selfhood and identity as depicted by King Lear in Shakespeare’s play. Who does Lear think he is? How do others think of him and understand his identity? How does that change across the play?

i have to answer these questions based on these chapters

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