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Roles and Responsibilities/Separation of Duties

You are in charge of evaluating the security roles and responsibilities of your organization or an organization you are familiar with. You are also to evaluate the separation of duties which protects secure information for this same organization.

First, describe the organization you have chosen. You must pick a specific organization – do not talk about all organizations in general. This course is about application – not theory. Define the security roles and responsibilities of this organization. Separation of duties is key to protecting secure information in your organization. How is this organization doing in separating duties to provide oversight and compliance? How could the organization improve in these two areas?

Use APA guidelines to create a paper in Word. Your paper should have a minimum of 500 words addressing all the areas above. NO MORE THAN 700 words. Please include at least 2 scholarly references 5 years or less in age plus your text to support your recommendations for improvement.