i need a few adjustments

i need a few adjustments.

I need help with a Sociology question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

the essya should start with a theme , if not it lose points

theme examples :

health care providers can help reduce health disparities by implementing an inter sectional framework in their

interactions with patients.

Confronting discrimination at both the macro and micro-levels is a means to address health disparities.

Promoting cultural humility among public health professionals is a useful measure toward achieving health


teacher feedback

I’ve had a chance to look at your paper again. It is still necessary that you begin with the theme. I see how you are addressing race and I think I can see how you are addressing medical encounters as well. It is important that you address immigrant health as well.

Perhaps a theme for what you have already written could be something along the lines of:

Examining research exploring racial/ethnic health disparities and immigrant health can improve medical encounters and strengthen health policy.

Then your main ideas could be:

Knowledge about racial/ethnic health disparities can help practitioners be more culturally competent

Understanding immigrant health research can shed light on how health declines from one generation to the next.

Being informed about racial/ethnic health disparities can help policymakers be aware of the needs of communities of color

you already wrote it for me , please fix it, I will tip at the end

i need a few adjustments

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