I need a reply for a philosohy discussion question

I need a reply for a philosohy discussion question.

Can you help me understand this Philosophy question?

One of the solutions to the “problem of evil” is “Justice in the Afterlife” (page 84). The solution is that the good are to be rewarded and the wicked will be punished in the “afterlife”. This type of recompense is non-moral based on the moral evil within a person’s life before he or she reaches the afterlife. It is a person’s earthly decision and actions that result in evil and wickedness within their earthly life that reflects their afterlife status. This does raise lots of questions on whether or not this is fair, is it all just a “test”, or whether it is worth it to believe.

By using the story of Job in the Bible as a reflection upon this solution, it still raises questions. As Job faced numerous tragedies in his earthly life, his faith in God was not shaken regardless of the circumstance. By him keeping his faith in God, it is believe that he was restored in the afterlife. More questions arise towards “why would God allow him to suffer?”. What is mainly focused on in this is how evil took over Job’s life and how much it is a problem as to why it was allowed in this case. So, by using the Justice in the Afterlife solution, it increases the problem of evil questionings.

I need a reply for a philosohy discussion question

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