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Importance of User Security Training

It’s been said many times that the weakest link in the chain of security is the end user. And with good reason! 28% of all data breaches occur due to human error which can be scaled back majorly by implementing effective security training of end users.

Security education is often taken for granted, with employers believing that security best practices can be followed with ease by the employees, while the employees are often quite casual about the security practices that are set in place by the employers, viewing them as more of a hindrance than help. Companies often fail to understand that by not investing in Security Awareness Training (SAT), they are setting themselves up for failure. Given the number of options currently available on the market, there is really no excuse available for employers to skimp out on security.

Security training can be provided at different levels of the corporate hierarchy with different programs geared towards different levels of job responsibilities. The age of “one stop shop” doesn’t apply towards security awareness anymore. The same awareness of security that a software developer has to have is not the same as the one that a manager has to have.

The following topics are ones that should be the hallmark of any security awareness program:

1. Efficient password management: In the current technology environment of a hundred solutions for the same problem, there are many products available for employees to use. This leads to different credentials being generated for the products and often, the users leave the credentials on a Notepad file or even a Post-It note for any competent hacker to exploit. Password management and guidelines go a long way in ensuring that the security isnt exploited.

2. Social Engineering awareness: Employees should be trained to spot spam emails a mile away. By the crux of social engineering, it is often difficult to spot the intention of any piece of unwarranted communication. Employees should be instructed in recognizing only official communication and ignore anything that doesn’t fit into the environment.

3. Firewall : A firewall installation and maintenance is another extremely effective solution against website intrusion. A company that employs the use of an effective firewall as opposed to a Malwarebytes free subscription will definitely be protecting themselves against the end user itself by implementing best practices in terms of network security.

4. Safe browser use: The employees should be instructed in using the latest version with upgraded security patches while browsing the internet. Many sites are vulnerable to hosting malicious elements through Flash plugins or advertising and can result in the host computer being used as a hub for either harvesting valuable company data or to route back-door connections. Employees should also be instructed in verifying the legitimacy of URL domains so that they can be assured of their own security.

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