identify the benefits

identify the benefits.

I need an explanation for this Environmental Science question to help me study.

I only need the Identifying Benefits section

identity the benefits of the “smart bucket” mentioned in he uncompleted draft attached and follow the given instruction

the uncompleted draft is attached

i expect a short answer 300 maxmium


Using clear and consistent organization throughout, identify and analyze the costs, benefits, and stakeholders associated with your project.

As part of your document organization, each of the 3 major sections must be labeled as they appear below: “Identifying Costs,” “Identifying Benefits,” and “Identifying Stakeholders.” These three section titles must appear in order, and using the same title format.

Identifying Costs

  1. First, using Chapter 2 of your Engineering Economics textbook as a guide, identify a minimum of 5 potential costs associated with your project (variable, fixed, reccurring, etc.). Realistically, however, your project will have more than 5 potential costs.
  2. For each cost, identify whether it is a recurring or nonrecurring cost (pg. 43)
  3. For each cost, identify whether it is an internal or external cost (e.g., societal, global, environmental, etc.)
  4. For each cost, offer a 2-3 sentence explanation (approximately 50-75 words) that clearly details how the cost is related to your project
  5. Develop a table that clearly lays out this information

****Identifying Benefits

Consider what benefits will result from the successful implementation of your project. List a minimum of 3 potential benefits associated with your project. For each benefit:

  1. Briefly explain how your project will lead to the benefit (1-2 sentences)
  2. Include a time estimation for how long you think it will reasonably take for the benefit to take effect, or be noticeable
    • Some benefits might take effect in stages, which you should list as “Immediate; Intermediate; and Long-term,” each followed by a time estimate in parentheses.
      • Immediate (within 1 year)
      • Intermediate (2-5 years)
      • Long-term (10-20 years)
  3. Include a brief, specific, targeted statement (1-3 sentences) that explains why the benefit makes the project worth pursuing
    • The likes of “because the environment is important!” is not an acceptable answer. It is neither specific nor targeted

Identifying Stakeholders

  1. Identify a minimum of 4 potential stakeholders associated with your project
  2. For each stakeholder, identify the following:
    1. Stakeholder interest
    2. Probable stakeholder attitude toward the project (positive, negative, neutral, adversarial, competitive, etc.)
    3. Explain any ethical issues the stakeholder may face in relation to your project
    4. List a minimum of 2-3 potential costs that might be associated with the stakeholder.
      • Here you should identify other, different costs described in the textbook that might be associated with your project for each stakeholder. Different stakeholders will be affected by/care about each associated cost in a different way.
        • However, you may include similar types of costs here that you listed in the Identifying Costs assignment section above, as long as they apply to the stakeholder.
      • Include short-term costs for the stakeholder
      • Include long-term costs for the stakeholder
    5. List 2-3 potential long-term benefits for the stakeholder
  3. For each stakeholder, briefly (~85 words) describe what goals, values, facts, outcomes, etc. you believe you need to communicate to each stakeholder to help them understand the importance, use, long-term benefit, etc. of your project.
  4. For each stakeholder, explain in 2-3 sentences why you believe your explanation for #3 above will convince that particular stakeholder audience.

identify the benefits

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