Identifying Prospectus Parts and Alignment

Identifying Prospectus Parts and Alignment.

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Assignment 2: Identifying Prospectus Parts and Alignment

As seen in the Prospectus Guide a prospectus consists of eight required sections, each of which is connected to and supports the next. This is called alignment and is essential for a good prospectus.

Note: There are also non-required, optional sections within the prospectus (e.g., Possible Analytic Strategies, Other Information, and even quantitative hypotheses are optional for inclusion) and your chair will determine whether these should be included in your Prospectus.

To Prepare:
  • Choose one of the sample prospectuses.
  • Review the alignment of the parts.
The Assignment
  • Summarize the study you selected. Provide two specific examples of how elements are well aligned.
  • Alignment would be demonstrated by describing how one element is logically related to another element. Be sure to provide an APA-correct reference.

Identifying Prospectus Parts and Alignment

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