IFSM 201 Excel Project #2 create Excel project with data from a TEXT file

IFSM 201 Excel Project #2 create Excel project with data from a TEXT file.

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Create a Microsoft Excel workbook with four worksheets that provides extensive use of Excel capabilities including charting, and written analysis and recommendations in support of a business enterprise. A large rental car company has two metropolitan locations, one at the airport and another centrally located in downtown. It has been operating since 2016 and each location summarizes its car rental revenue quarterly. Both locations rent four classes of cars: economy, premium, hybrid, SUV. Rental revenue is maintained separately for the four classes of rental vehicles. The data for this case resides in the file spring2020rentalcars.txt and can be downloaded by clicking on the Assignments tab, then on the data file name. It is a text file (with the file type .txt). Do not create your own data. You must use the data provided and only the data provided. Default Formatting. All labels, text, and numbers will be Arial 10, There will be $ and comma and decimal point variations for numeric data, but Arial 10 will be the default font and font size.

All data required is imported with 100% accuracy as an Excel Table. All worksheets created as required in prescribed order. No extraneous

100% use of correct, applicable formulas as required. Secondary: prescribed ranges are created and utilized correctly.

Graphs/Charts required for the project were correct. All required elements were depicted. Graphs depicted required contents and were given an accurate, descriptive title.

Information is very well organized using advanced formatting, including shading, alignment tools, borders, fonts, appropriate labels, appropriate column/row height and width. Spreadsheet is easy to read and all required information is visible (nothing cut off or truncated).

Responses are accurate and on point. Grammar and punctuation are correct.

IFSM 201 Excel Project #2 create Excel project with data from a TEXT file

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