Impacts, Risks, and Stakeholders

Impacts, Risks, and Stakeholders.

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Analyzing the Importance of Stakeholders in Sustainability Efforts

It has been a common organizational practice to invest and develop corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs without seeking the engagement of their stakeholders. This type of engagement is often seen as non-essential to the CSR agenda. Ultimately, stakeholder engagement fosters positive opportunities and helps in managing risks. Using your current organization (or one you have experience with) discuss to what level are the stakeholders engaged in the CSR process. Indicate what is done well and provide recommendations for improvements to better utilize these stakeholder groups in the process. There is more than one stakeholder so ensure you cover all important internal and external stakeholders.


  • writing standards and APA style guidelines.
  • Be sure to support your statements with logic and argument, citing all sources referenced
  • Write 4 paragraph essays (Introduction, body and conclusion)

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Impacts, Risks, and Stakeholders

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