Instructions for Capstone Project Part 4

Instructions for Capstone Project Part 4.

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Instructions for Capstone Project Part 4

It’s time to finalize your research and put together your final proposal. Below is the summary of what is required for the final proposal.

Project Part 4 is the final written analysis of your company’s strategic plan. Be sure to include:

  • Summary
  • Executive Summary

Submit all of the previous project parts, incorporating any feedback received from your instructor.

Required Sections:

Part 1 Introduction

  • Introduction and overview of your selected company along with an initial analysis of the growth opportunity
  • Country of Choice
  • Mode of Entry

Part 2 Cultural Exchange and Marketing Strategy

  • Cultural Differences
  • Distributions Methods: Product/Market, Pricing and Positioning

Part 3 Strategic Audit

  • Internal Environment
  • External Environment
  • Strengths
  • Problem Analysis
  • Recommendations and Implementation Costs

In addition, create a 10-15 minute PowerPoint Recorded presentation in which you describe in detail the key decisions you made in Project Parts 1, 2, and 3 and the reasons for those decisions. Include any additional items of your choice to support the proposal for expansion.

Submission Requirements:

Submit your final written analysis of the company’s strategic plan for the expansion opportunity overseas. It should be eight to ten pages in length. Submit the recorded presentation video.

Instructions for Capstone Project Part 4

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