Interdisciplinarity and Worldview Reflection

Interdisciplinarity and Worldview Reflection.

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Interdisciplinarity and Worldview Reflection

Prompt:In 200-300 words, explain what interdisciplinarity is and reflect on how it impacts your worldview. And, in another 200-300 words, reflect on and explain the personal impact of the single most helpful lesson you learned from Covey this subterm.


Additional Suggestions:

  • You can do it differently, but the simplest route may be to explain interdisciplinarity in one paragraph and then to reflect on it in the next paragraph or two.
  • You can explain interdisciplinarity in your own words, but if you find it hard to describe it in a way not already done, it would be better to cite references and create a references page than to accidentally plagiarize.
  • Remember to focus on just one topic from Covey and to give it personal application.
  • You can begin brainstorming for your reflection using the following questions (though you shouldn’t use these exact wordings in your reflection itself—be original):
    • How has interdisciplinarity affected my life?
    • How has interdisciplinarity affected the way I see the world?
    • How will I use an interdisciplinary mindset to tackle problems in the future?

Interdisciplinarity and Worldview Reflection

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