Introduction to Literature discussion

Introduction to Literature discussion.

I’m studying for my Literature class and need an explanation.

Click open the powerpoint slide show of the Jekyll and Hyde images.

Look at the Classics Illustrated cover closely, as well as the other images. What is the effect of putting Jekyll in evening dress? How sinister does Hyde seem? How similar are they? What are they looking at and why?

Examine the Marvel Classics Comics cover. How do you respond to the scientific apparatus? The skull on the bookshelf? How does Hyde’s face compare with Jekyll’s? Why are there 3 faces when the story is about 2 personalities?

Compare and contrast the pictures with the written text of Stevenson’s novel. Do they create the same impressions? What do they suggest about the mood of the story?

After reading the book and viewing video clips, which text gives you more enjoyment and why? Which images best depicts the book,and why?

Introduction to Literature discussion

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