Introduction to Sociology – JAF8- Module 8

I’m stuck on a Sociology question and need an explanation.


I will do the video, however the paper needs to be clear enough and long enough for me to read, understand and speak for 6-7 minutes.

Create a 6-7 minute video of you responding to the prompts below. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.

  1. To record your video, use screencast-o-matic, screencastify, or any other screen recording application you prefer.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube and share the link with your instructor. You will need to open a free account with YouTube in order to post videos and share them.

– Society has changed over the past decade, from style to language and even our environmental resources. Give an example of how social change has effected physical environment, population, innovation, diffusion, and mass media.

– The information revolution was, and still is, an important perspective in social change. In your opinion, how has it changes society and how do you feel it will change society in the future?

– How has modernization changed many underdeveloped nations?

– What are the types of social movements that have occurred in history? When and why did they occur?

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