Karate movie extra credit

Karate movie extra credit.

Can you help me understand this Writing question?

Watch and write a one-page report on one of the following approved movies:

Approved list:

The Karate Kid -the original one where Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) trains Daniel LaRusso in karate, helping him to win the all important “All-Valley Karate Championship” in Los Angeles. If you watch the reboot, where they learn kung fu from Jackie Chan, it WILL NOT be accepted.

The Karate Kid Part II -the only acceptable sequel of the original. Part III and “The Next Karate Kid” with Hilary Swank are not very good. (Yes, I know about the “Cobra Kai” reboot series on Youtube, I just haven’t watched enough of it to determine what we are doing in class.)

Kuro Obi (Black Belt)-You might have to watch a subtitled one, but it is worth it. Good examples of karate’s underlying concepts and morals combined with great fight choreography.

Big Trouble in Little China-This movie has absolutely nothing to do with karate, but is a rather ridiculous and fun 80’s action movie with well-done fight scenes and with some exterior filming in SF.

The one-page report should include a description of the plot, the connection to traditional karate, and your personal impression of the movie. Plagiarism free.

Attached below is Karate history files.

Karate movie extra credit

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