knitting and crochet t and macrame compare across cultures and history fabric structure

-Materials, properties and techniques required for production.

-Historical Context: When did the process originate? What are early materials and methods

used at different points in history? different geographical locations? and different cultures?

-Recent Innovations: Show contemporary projects that use your assigned technique. What


-Color: How is color typically achieved with this material or method?

-Finishes used?

-Maintenance: What are the pros and cons of this material or method.

-Issues of sustainability.

Requirements for Submissions:

2 page paper, approx. 1000 words, 12 point font, standard margins, submitted with 6-10 images

Bibliography, listing published texts and websites. Use Chicago Citation Format . Use a

minimum of 2 published texts for your research.

Footnotes required for all direct quotes.

All presentation are due at start of class on September 27th.

Faculty will determine presentation dates.


Books listed Syllabus: required and recommended list at New School UC on Reserve .

The Heilbrunn Timeline of Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Website:

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Collection…


0&pos=5 or equal , www.,

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