Leaders and followers

Leaders and followers.

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choose an activity in which you are involved— anything that includes a group of people who collaborate to achieve common goals and ideas. This can be at work, on a team, in a group, class, or in a volunteer capacity. A successful written submission will detail the following:

Who is the leader? Who are the followers? Describe the interactions between the followers and the leader. Describe the tasks you participate in, and then identify the traits and behaviors of the leader. Do they match the situation? What kind of leader would be best for the situation? Is a leader even necessary? Why or why not?

Charts and figures may be included in support of the written content. Remember corporate websites are incredibly helpful to identify information about organizational management practices, but students will also want to rely on supportive articles and editorial opinion on the organization (or the business leader) when and how appropriate.

APA writing standards are expected. This includes paper formatting, citations, reference list, and writing in the third-person tone of voice (writing in the first person does not comply with APA).


no plagiarism

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Leaders and followers

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