Leadership and Quality LP3 Assignment–Organizing

Leadership and Quality LP3 Assignment–Organizing.

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LP3.1 Assignment: Organizing

This assignment will assess competency 3. Analyze the fundamental characteristics of organizing.

Throughout your career, especially as a manager, you will have to understand and work in a variety of structural configurations. Changing times may force you to participate or lead a reorganization for your company. It is important to understand the structure and the effect it can have on achieving company goals. For your paper:

  1. Research and describe how the scholarly literature describes the functional and divisional approaches to structure.
  2. Select an organizational structure (see exhibit 10.3 in your book to get a start) and explain how the structure is designed to work by providing an example or scenario (make certain to address the theory’s advantages and disadvantages).
  3. Discuss how culture is reflected in the chosen theory. What types of companies might choose it? Once chosen, how might the company’s culture be affected?

Use at least four (4) scholarly or professional sources to support your position in addition to the sources provided in this learning plan. Do not use the textbook as a primary source. Your paper will be 1000-1200 words long and needs to be formatted using APA

Leadership and Quality LP3 Assignment–Organizing

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