Leadership Framing Exercise

Leadership Framing Exercise.

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We have discussed how social identity categories matter, and in some ways, are just like a culture in terms of how we see things and how others see us. The example in the text is “you are one of those leaders whose identity always seems to be reduced to a demographic category…however well intentioned.”

You will apply Fairhurst’s general idea here to your own life. Think about how, given your prior analysis of your social identity, you are likely to have a similar identity dilemma (e.g., “We need more women in leadership and you came to mind,” or “We really want to have an openly gay man in leadership,” etc.) Write down your version of the framing problem, and then formulate a framing strategy using Fairhurst’s framing advice.

I am a Mexican American male that is currently a college athlete. That would be the best way to describe myself in use for this exercise.

Here are the texts from the book that are referenced for this assignment:

Identity Matters

Framing Dilemma:

You are one of those leaders whose identity always seems to be reduced to a demographic category (generally because you are a rarity), however well intentioned. For example, you are one of “ too few ” female managers, African American leaders, and so on.

Framing Advice:

If you don ’ t wish to make an issue of your difference, take a page from the playbook Barack Obama seems to have used when running for office.

Frame yourself as a leader “ who happens to be ” female or “who happens to be ” black, or whatever. As such: Don’t speak of your demographic identity unless others bring it up. Refrain from using familiar cultural Discourses associated with demographic issues. (Chapter Two )

If you do wish to make your demographic category an issue, frame your-self in those terms: Frequently categorize yourself in terms of your demographic identity in everyday conversation. (Chapter Four )

Draw from affirmative action cultural Discourses or others associated with equal or civil rights. (Chapter Two )

Leadership Framing Exercise

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