lesson discussion

Every day our lives are impacted by social institutions, groups, and organizations. Understanding how they work and their role in society can help us operate in society more successfully. Many interesting topics are covered in this lesson such as McDonaldization, The Amish (from the Introduction), and Bureaucracy. However, pay special attention to in-groups and out-groups discussed in the text readings and think about who your in-groups and out-groups are.

A. First, you must define in-groups and out-groups.

  1. Identify THREE of your in-groups and THREE of your out-groups and share how they have influenced the way you see the world.
  2. Share your response in at least 3 paragraphs (1 in-group and 1 out-group per paragraph). Each paragraph is at least two 8-9 sentences

Write posts that are of sufficient length, relevant and reflect your deep understanding. Please include a question to encourage other students for further discussion. Refer to resources inside and outside the course using accurate APA citation.

Correct Citation Procedure:

Author, A. A. (Year of publication). Title of work: Capital letter also for subtitle. Location: Publisher.

In-text citations:

Paraphrasing: Author (year) OR (Author/s, year).

All discussion postings and writing assignments must include both full and in-text citations.

I am attaching textbook pages you can use for citations.

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