Lesson plan for dance assignment

Lesson plan for dance assignment.

I’m trying to learn for my Geography class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Name: ______________________________ Course:____________ Date: ______________

Grade:__________Lesson Length: ________________Location: ______________________

Unit/Theme: ________________________________ Lesson Topic: _________________________

SCAHPERD Standards: ____________________________________________________________

Performance Indicators: ____________________________________________________________

Equipment Needed: ________________________________________________________________

Major Focus and Subfocus:

Lesson Opener:

Objective(s): Students will be able to:

Assessment: (Attach rubrics, tests, quizzes, skill tests, etc.) Teacher will:

Diverse skills levels (alternate activities)

Key Vocabulary

Supplementary Materials


(Check as appropriate)

PreparationScaffolding Grouping Options

___ Video___ Modeling ___ Whole class

___ Computer/laptop ___ Guided practice___ Small groups

___ Musical CD ___ Independent practice___ Partners

___ Other _____________ ___ Comprehensible input___ Independent

Integration of Processes Motivational TechniqueAssessment

___ Reading___ Hands-on ___ Individual

___ Writing ___ Demonstration___ Group

___ Speaking ___ Linked Past Learning___ Written

___ Listening ___ Promotes engagement ___ Oral

Task Development: (Procedures/Activities (Sequential & Detailed)

Teacher will:

Summary: (What will you summarize at the end of the lesson)



Housekeeping Comments:

Lesson plan for dance assignment

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