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Light The Lamp.

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National Hockey League player Jonathan Toews is known as “Captain Serious” to his teammates on the Chicago Blackhawks. His fellow Hawks know he means business every time he steps on the ice. That laser focus has led him to three Stanley Cup championships within six years.

Entertainment mogul Jay-Z is cut from the same cloth. His accomplishments are even more noteworthy in an industry in which stars are made overnight and often forgotten tomorrow.

For this assignment, evaluate the leadership traits of Jonathan Toews or Jay-Z and determine the factors that you think make them successful in their environments. What traits would be transferrable to other professional fields and why? Use earlier course material and other sources to justify your response.



Article: 7 Leadership Qualities of a True Champion
When he was 20 years old, he was appointed captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. Since then, Jonathan Toews has won three Stanley Cup championships in just six years. How did he do it? What leadership qualities does he have that we can take with us on our journey?

Article: Jay-Z: A Lesson on the Power of Entrepreneurial Capitalism
Jay-Z is one of the more famous entertainers of our era, but he is also one of that industry’s business success stories. What is it about him that sets him apart from others in this space?

Article: Enron, Ethics and Today’s Corporate Values
This article gives you a look into how Enron’s shoddy business practices and ethics led to its downfall.

eBook: Systems Leadership: Creating Positive Organizations (Chapter 18, pp. 231–244)
How do strong leaders get where they are? Is their success a product of circumstance or is it much more? This reading looks at the importance of why good leaders surround themselves with good people. This practice is at the heart of being “on the same page.”

Light The Lamp

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