Literature Review

Literature Review.

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You are writing a literature review for the proposed research study you presented at the residency. Plan on approximately 12-15 pages. Your literature review should include:

  • An introduction that includes: Brief explanation of your strategy for finding literature (databases searched, keywords used)Statistics on your references (Total references, percent recent, percent scholarly)
  • Discussion of theory
    • Evolution of the theory used for your framework
    • Complementary theories
    • Contrasting theories
    • Relevant studies that used the same theory
  • Discussion of the topic (themes, variables)
    • Include a separate subsection for each theme (variable)
    • Relevant studies that relate to the same topic

Do not simply summarize each article. Practice synthesis.

The paper must adhere to APA format and include a proper APA references list with all references provided in APA format.

i will give additional sources which i have once this task is taken up

Literature Review

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