Literature writing -01

Literature writing -01.

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Final Essay

For this essay, you will be presenting a unified idea (argument) that brings together three works of literature. You may use things we’ve read this semester or other texts. You may create your own argument.

If you’d like a prompt, you may write to this one: “One of the most common themes in Western Literature is that of the journey or odyssey. From Homer to the Bible, from Shakespeare to even popular writers like J.K. Rowling, great writers have often wrestled with the idea of a character’s journey from life to death (or death to life), from ignorance to understanding, from immaturity to maturity, etc. The idea of a physical journey is often appropriated to discuss a deeper, more significant internal journey.

Using any three literary works that you have read this semester, write a brief essay (three – four pages), word count at least 950 in which you compare and contrast the journeys of various characters from the literature (or writers of the essays) that you’ve chosen. Make sure that you have an actual essay, not a random collection of thoughts. Have a thesis that ties the essay together and use specific examples from the literature to bolster your argument.”

Choose any three works of literature from below:

1. Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun.

2. Sonny’s Blues.

3. A Rose for Emily



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Literature writing -01

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