Lord of the Flies:Comparison Essay

Lord of the Flies:Comparison Essay.

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Lord of the Flies:Comparison Essay

For the final assignment in the”Lord of the Flies”unit,you will write a comparison essay.We

will watch the movie:Castaway and you will compare elements that are the same from the

movie and Lord of the Flies.


1.Must be written in formal language

a.No use of the first person(you cannot use:l,we,you,etc.)

b.No use of contractions(can’t,won’t,wouldn’t,etc.)or slang

2.Must include a clear thesis statement and follow proper essay format

3.Length:at least 1000 words

4.Must be TYPED AND DOUBLE SPACED(written on a computer)in SIZE 11 FONT

5.Must use proper citation for any examples from the text(ex:quotations,examples,etc),

all examples must be from the novel”Lord of the Flies”

6.Must include a TITLE PAGE and WORKS CITED

Some ideas to help you get started:


Focus on the change of the boys in LOTF and Chuck Noland in Castaway from the time

that they are first arrive on the island to the very end of their stay.(order/disorder,


Are there any recurring symbols in LOTF and Castaway and what is the significance of

these symbols?

Are there any recurring themes that are common between LOTF and Castaway?What is

there significance?

Lord of the Flies:Comparison Essay

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