managerial economics 15

Lectures 1, 2
Minimum of 2 library resources for initial post (e.g. articles from Time, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.)

This week we studied Bargaining from a Game Theory standpoint as well as from a nonstrategic viewpoint. We only were exposed to a few potential strategies. In this week’s discussion, I would like to explore negotiating strategies more fully.

Find two resources that provide suggestions for bargaining techniques and strategies and describe the important aspects of the recommendations. Do you think that they would work well? How do the techniques fit into the descriptions of bargaining discussed in Chapters 15 and 16 of our textbook? If your resources discussed negotiating in a specific environment or for a specific good, can the techniques be generalized to other situations?  If your resources described general negotiating tactics, what sorts of situations do you think the recommendations would work well and what types of situations would the recommendations not work so well?

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