Marketing report for GOOGLE HOME MINI

Marketing report for GOOGLE HOME MINI.

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SUBJECT: Marketing 303

My group selects GOOGLE HOME MINI for its market trends, segmentation, positioning, targeting, and marketing mix.

My part is Product Description, it should be 2 pages, 1.5 space (not including References page)

  • Product Descriptionfrom a marketing perspective, not necessarily a technical, perspective.
    • Describethe product and its primary benefits to the consumers.
    • Describe the overall company image and brand perception. Derive any relevant brand related issues/challenges?
    • State the determinant attributesfirst.

Then, identify the key competing products and articulate the unique value proposition of the product and explain how it relates to the determinant attributes.

In other words, why would consumers choose this product over those of the competitors’ and how does your product rate against those of the competitors on important aspects (determinant attributes) of the purchasing decision? (Include a product comparison chart).

Then, finish with a statement of unique value proposition

Checklist before Submitting the Paper

Following the instructions/guidelinesprovided for each section and make sure you answered all requirements.

Use headings and subheadingsto facilitate comprehension, enhance paper presentation, and ensure that you answer all requirements for each section.

Keep the paragraphs shortand easy to read.

Use bullet points sparingly, and use them only for listing similar items.

Use formal writing styleand be consistent throughout the paper.

Spell and grammar check before submission.

Marketing report for GOOGLE HOME MINI

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