media and culture quesitons

media and culture quesitons.

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100-150 words for each question.

1. According to Rasul and Proffitt, what is the main motive behind Hollywood’s obsession to work with the Indian film industry? Why are Bollywood managers eager to benefit from the global prowess of Hollywood? Why do Hollywood/Bollywood co-productions reduce the risk associated with making films? What is Rasul’s and Proffitt’s main criticism of Hollywood-Bollywood film co-productions? (you can find the answer in the article Rasul and Proffitt)

2. What have been the benefits for the Korean music industry, and K-pop specifically, in adopting the distinctive hybridization strategy of English mixing in lyrics? Why does the use of repetitive verses and choruses primary written in English or English mixed with Korean help K-pop artists to be successful in going international via social media? (you can check the powerpoint, the culture of global music.)

3. As the use of skin lighteners continue to grow in the global South, particularly among young, urban, educated men and women, what suggestions does Nadeem offer as a way of understanding this aspiration for fairness? (you can find the answer in the article Nadeem)

media and culture quesitons

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