midterm essay 13

please choose ONE of the following questions to answer in a brief ESSAY of about one page side, single space. Use essay format, that is:

1. THESIS statement paragraph of one or two lines stating your position on the question. It must be an argumentative thesis statement, or one that can be opposed.

2. EVIDENCE in two or three paragraphs. One piece of evidence must be a comment from the Craig text, which is a secondary source. One other piece of evidence must be a reference to a Document or visual in the Craig text, which is a primary source. In general, use concrete examples.

3. CONCLUSION in one or two lines summing up your position briefly.


1. Which of the four ancient Sacred State cultures in Chapter 1 intrigues you the most and why?

2. Compare two Chapter 2 Axial Age worldview on (a) the nature of “God” (b) ethics (c) the afterlife

3. Why did the Greeks in Chapter 3 develop democratic ideas?

4. What are comparative highlights of the Iranian and Indian experiences in Chapter 4?

5. Which of the 3 areas of Africa we discuss in Chapter 5/14 resonates with you and why?

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