Midterm proposal

Midterm proposal.

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A 500-word paper proposal for the final exam. You should research an object held in a local museum and investigate the influence that this had on an Eastern culture (if the object is Western) or on Western culture (if the object is Eastern)* (For instance: how a blue and white Chinese porcelain has influenced British tea culture, or how and why it has been reproduced in form of a gadget, maybe a magnet sold in Chinatown; how a Japanese ukiyo-e printing influenced contemporary comic books in the USA etc.).

* You have to identify “your” East or West (for instance where do you place Egypt?) J

Please note that this not a researched paper but only a proposal for the final digital exam, therefore, at this stage you are ONLY asked to submit the proposal as a double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman paper.

Midterm proposal

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