Mobilization tool

Mobilization tool.

I need help with a Social Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Knowledge Mobilization Tool

To further mobilize your expertise, you will be responsible for 13 minute presentation or other distillation of your findings and recommendations in your memo (video, infographic, visual engagement, etc). This presents a key challenge in translating expertise into the wider world. Your work must still include academic citations and evidence, specifically 10 cited sources of which at least five must be peer-reviewed scholarly sources.

Need to have Power Point, survey and Microsoft word document of info to put on infographic. Strength, weakness, opportunities and threats..impact, data of numbers, step of implementing.

Possibly a 2 min video online from online, related to topic

Topic: mosquito net, mosquito bracelet, and mosquito repellent. Tying it to malaria, zika virus and yellow fever. Why the mosquito net isn’t as useful compared to repellant spray.

Listen to both audio before starting, first one is talking about how to do directly for my particular project.

I will, include, survey, info-graphic, and link for past class to show example as well.

Mobilization tool

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