Module 7 Discussion

Module 7 Discussion.

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Instructions for this Discussion

Write a Discussion post reflecting on your past experiences as they relate to the learning outcomes of this course.

  1. Research the stated Learning Outcomes of this ORGL course. Briefly list/describe the outcomes in your response.
    • The ORGL 3000 Learning Outcomes are in the readings for this Learning Module.
  2. Describe experiences (such as work, volunteer, church, social, academic) you have had that resulted in learning these outcomes. Be as specific as possible with your examples. Attempt to tie your experiences directly to the learning outcomes. [If you haven’t had learning that connects to a particular outcome, that’s OK – explain any gaps.]
  3. Discuss the reflective concept in the course which best describes your learning up to this point.
  4. How might you document the learning you achieved in that context?
    • For instance:Training evidence, Certificates? Papers or projects you’ve completed. On-the-job evaluations? Letters from people in a position to evaluate your learning at work or in volunteer activities? Artifacts, items you designed or created? Photographs or scanned items?
    • Mention how you plan to collect the items if you do not have them on hand.

The reason we have included item 4 – artifacts or documents which document your learning, is that in the ORGL 4690 Capstone, you will prepare a visual portfolio which documents your achievement of the objectives/learning outcomes for your degree. This exercise gives you an idea of what to expect in the ORGL Capstone.

Grading Criteria

You will be evaluated based on the Rubric for Grading Discussions. Respond to at least two classmates’ posts. Incorporate references to the concepts/theories in this course and use citations.

This assignment is worth 20% of final grade.

Module 7 Discussion

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