Movement Reflection

Movement Reflection.

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1–Movement Reflection Bob Dylan once remarked that he had to be moving—in a car, train or plane—to do his best writing. I find this interesting, and am curious if you find it to be true in your experience. The assignment is to take some form of transportation and write—anything—while you’re in motion. Allow yourself at least 45 minutes or so and see how that goes.What you’ll turn in is a reflection on whether you found Dylan’s comment helpful or not. Describe your mode of transportation, then the general nature of what you wrote, and conclude with your assessment of whether it was effective. You may earn up to 5 points of extra credit per double-spaced page.

The train in my City start from (OGDEN city to FARMINGTON city ) The train take 1hr 15 min from point A-B

Movement Reflection

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