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Part C  (This is worth 60% of the exam.)  Use own words or paraphrase   

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A union has just been certified at your company.  The company has never worked with a union before.  It was not happy to lose the election.  Some staff members have been saying that they won’t deal with the union.  The CEO thinks this could be a problem and has asked you to make a presentation to management’s bargaining team about its key rights and responsibilities. Now, you need to develop the material that will eventually go into the presentation.  Use standard writing, not bulleted items. 


____ Purpose(s) – Why should the bargaining team attend this session? (5 points)


____Specific Rights and Responsibilities  (75 points)

         Choose 3 key ones.  For each, give the:

I chose what is Managements Rights, Reserved Rights, and Restricted Rights.  


Management Rights generally include decisions governing the working environment, including supervising the workforce, controlling production, setting work rules and procedures, assigning duties, and using plant and equipment. Management generally believes that if it is to operate efficiently, it must have control over all decision-making factors of the business. Management usually contends that any union involvement in the area is an intrusion on its inherent right to manage. Union advocates respond that where the right to mange involves wages, hours, or working conditions, labor has a legal interest under federal law.


Reserved Rights theory generally contends that management retains all rights except those it has expressly agreed to share with or relinquish to the union. Management, under the reserved rights concept, does not review the agreement to determine which rights ti has gained but instead reviews the agreement to ascertain which rights it has conceded to labor. All rights remaining reside with management.


The Restricted Rights in a general statement restricting management from “taking actions in violations of the terms of the agreement.”

            –Source(s) of Authorization – Can not site any other books.

Page 234-235 in Carrell, M. & Heavrin, C. (2013). Labor relations and collective bargaining:

               Private and public sectors (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.

Fisher, R., Ury, W., & Patton, B. (2011). Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement

   without giving in (3rd). New York, NY: Penguin.




            –Impact it can have

            –Actions that indicate it does/does not occur

            –Needed knowledge, skills, and abilities to fulfill it


____ Summary –What should the participants remember and use from this session? (5 points)


____Writing is clear and clean. (10 points) 

____APA referencing is used.  (5 points)