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Case Study #5: Watch the video Two Spirits: Joey Criddle, a Native American gay man, recounts the story of how he underwent a transformation from a closeted Pentecostalist in Mississippi to the co-director of the Two Spirit Society of Denver. (150 Words) no cover pages)

Assignment # 5: CROSS-CULTURAL ANALYSIS OF SEXUAL ATTITUDES AND BEHAVIORS -You are asked to identify a specific sexual behavior and examine how it is practiced in two different contemporary cultures. You are free to select almost any sexual behavior that interests you.

Examples of appropriate topics would include (but are not limited to) the following: kissing, homosexuality, marriage, oral sex, sexual violence, transgenderism, paraphilia’s (e.g., fetishes), contraception, masturbation, cheating, the age of first intercourse, statutory rape, etc. 2 pages…

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