need entire paper edited THOROUGHLY and conclusion added, paper must be around 500 words. at 445 now

need entire paper edited THOROUGHLY and conclusion added, paper must be around 500 words. at 445 now.

I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.

below is what I have. please do not add any further information just edit, re-write sentences help with structure etc. Need a conclusion paragraph written as well.

Growing up in America attending public schools I was always taught about the 1920s with positive an attitude. Up until this module I believed they were a time of growth, excitement, expansion, and even social and political change. This Era is always seemingly held in such a positive light, however racism, labor issues, and many more social problems made the twenties a deeply saddening and often times dangerous decade. Specifically, as recounted by Hiram W. Evans we saw a dramatic escalation of the Ku Klux Klan; and Marcus Garvey describes parts of what was going on in the African American community at the time. We also gain insight on the role of Christianity in labor converting it to a form of “drudgery and toil” (Johnson 149).

With great expansion taking place throughout the 1920s many found it hard to keep up and looked for something and someone to blame. “During the 1920s, the Ku Klux Klan attracted hundreds of thousands throughout the nation with its defense of ‘true’ Americans from threats allegedly posed by immigrants” (Johnson, 152). This is an issue that is still extremely prominent today. In the 1920s great opportunity was presenting itself and people flocked from all over the world to help build this nation. The Ku Klux Klan believed the pioneer days enforced a form of natural selection allowing only the strongest “Nordic Americans” (Johnson,153) to survive. They believed now whoever came to settled America found it too easy to make a home and “enforce their demands” (Johnson, 153). Today we see a similar fear of immigrants and change. People living in America believe they have some divine right over immigrants and that they are taking their jobs. The 1920s was the first this “great” Nation saw this happen.

With the pitiful rise of the Ku Klux Klan we saw counter-organizations begin to take shape, such as th4 Universal Negro Improvement Association or UNIA lead by Marcus Garvey. Marcus Garvey learned at a young age and firmly believed, “there was some difference in humanity, and that there were different races, each having its own separate and distinct social life” (Johnson, 160). Garvey longed for a government and nation run by black people for black people with its own independent government. Together he and Booker Washington brought the UNIA to America and began the Back to Africa Movement (knowledge from prior class). The UNIA had its successes, including the Black Star Line, which sold hundreds of thousands of shares and had its own ships (Johnson, 161). Unfortunately the sovereign nation black Garvey dreamed of never happened; but what we saw during and following this time period was a growing division between races, and many more years segregation and racism.

need entire paper edited THOROUGHLY and conclusion added, paper must be around 500 words. at 445 now

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