Need help fixing a power point presentation

Need help fixing a power point presentation.

I’m working on a Nursing question and need guidance to help me study.

For this assessment you were to: For this assessment, you will develop an 8-14 slide PowerPoint presentation with thorough speaker’s notes designed for a hypothetical in-service session related to the improvement plan you developed in Assessment 2. I did not see your speakers notes for your slides, did you complete them? This assessment required one patient safety focus that you would teach your colleagues about and unfortunately there was multiple topics that were discussed but the criterion were not met per the rubric


List clearly the purpose and goals of an in-service session for nurses.


Explain the need and process to improve safety outcomes related to a specific organizational issue.


Explain audience’s role in and importance of making the improvement plan successful.


Create resources or activities to encourage skill development and process understanding related to a safety improvement initiative.


Communicate with nurses in a respectful and informative way that clearly presents expectations and solicits feedback on communication strategies for future improvement.

Need help fixing a power point presentation

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