no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion posts as directed (75 words each)

no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion posts as directed (75 words each).

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INSTRUCTIONS: Refer to the Discussion Board rubric in Course Resources for detailed requirements. Responses to your classmates or instructor should be at least 75 words. Responses to classmates should be thoughtful and advance the Discussion. Be sure to cite any sources you use in APA formatting.

HA255: Human Resources for Healthcare Organizations


Good Evening Everyone,

“Job analysis is the process of studying a job to determine which activities and responsibilities it includes, its relative importance to other jobs, the qualifications necessary for the performance of the job and the conditions under which the work is performed.” (SHRM, N.D.)Having a high-quality job analysis performed will help HR functions less legally vulnerable. HR managers will be able to create job-specific advertisements. These will be more in-depth than just regular run of the mill ads. These will be able to provide up to date training that is required, better job responsibility description, etc.

I believe that this type of job analysis will have a great impact on the compensation of employees. If a person applies for a position and is highly qualified and meet more requirements than other applicants their possible pay an benefits could be higher than the others. This goes as well for applicants who are qualified but just haven’t gone the extra step to better themselves career-wise yet. This can also be a wakeup call to applicants that want to do better an can see what is required of them to do so. When an HR manager is having a job analysis performed they have to evaluate everything about that specific job. This way that the proper compensation can be given based on the tasks an responsibilities that will be being performed. This will be something that will need to be monitored by the HR manager for any and all updates to that specific job. I hope you are all having a great week.

Sarah Carroll


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Hello everyone,

Job analysis can have more than one purpose however, it is a way to develop specifics of a job description that assists in employing staff. It captures having all the key information about a job. When organizations can implement job analysis, organizations can look at job descriptions as well as job specifics, which can help human resource departments recruit and hire the most qualified individuals (Flynn,2016). This can also allow training that could be implemented to ensure the staff is trained or qualified.

Without a high-quality job analysis, this could make Human Resources functions more legally vulnerable. It will allow the organization to make the best choice in the hiring process to make sure the job description is met and all of the requirements. Ensuring that a thorough job analysis is done can prevent an organization having to defend itself or the risk.

Job analysis can impact the compensation tremendously. If the job analysis is thorough enough then the organization can base the compensation for the job on the factors of duties, responsibility, necessary skill, experience, and education requirement. If the right factors are there, then the compensation will be fair.



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HI135: Legal Aspects of Health Information


I have conflicting beliefs about how HIPAA adequately protects patients privacy when addiction is concerned. There seems to be a grey area when the privacy of patients is concerned. In 42 CFR Part 2, HIPAA deems the disclosure permissible without the consent of the patient for medical operations, payments, or operations (SAMHSA, 2004). In 42 CFR Part 2, consent from the patients is certainly required for the disclosure of ANY substance abuse records for medical operations, payments, or treatments (SAMHSA, 2004). Substance abuse is a very sensitive topic and many people don’t want that information out there. I don’t feel as though some aspects are protected as opposed to others. Patients should know where and why certain elements of their private health information is being shared for any purpose rendered.

Meghan Cronk

Reference: (2004). SAMHSA 42 CFR and HIPAA. Retrieved from


Professor and class,

As early as 1970, congress saw that there was stigma being placed on those who are substance abuser. This discouraged individuals from admitting or reaching out for treatment due to the fact they felt that their information was not being seen as confidential and could result in them being prosecuted. So, when the Privacy Rule and HIPAA law were put into place, this also placed substance abuse treatment records under confidentiality and cannot be released without the consent of the patient. But there is always the concern that patients are being asked to sign consent forms while they could possibly be under the influence of a substance. Once the individual is not under the influence and has a full understanding what they are signing and agreeing to what can be released and not releases. Treatment centers are to comply with both of these rules with the same result as to not release patient information but only for billing and to provide treatment. Programs that are affiliated with hospitals, can disclose information regarding a patient as long as it does not disclose information that a patient is an alcohol or substance abuser. So, in my opinion, these privacy laws have open holes about the covering confidentially of those who may be under the influence. They need to be regulated to when the patient is coherent, so this portion needs to be worked on.

Heather Pickard


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no specific question, please respond to the 4 discussion posts as directed (75 words each)

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