organizational behavior 108

Step 1: Open the external link below by copying the URL to your Internet address bar:

This will take you to a free version of the Global Emotional Intelligence Test

Step 2: Follow the testing instructions and answer all 40 questions. (Make sure that you click Score Test once you are finished).

Step 3: Once you have the results, review your scores and read each of the EI Quadrant Descriptors (You can find these at the bottom of your screen).

Step 4: After reading all of the information as it relates to your level of emotional intelligence. Compose a Personal Narrative (300 word or more) and answer the following questions:

  • List your scores as they relate to each quadrant.
  • What area(s) did you excel in (Score of 8 or above)?
  • In what area(s) do you need to improve (Score of 5 or below)?
  • Do you believe this test accurately describes you?
  • What are your thoughts on using this type of assessment for hiring and job promotion decisions?

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