Peer review, give some comments on 2 proposals

Peer review, give some comments on 2 proposals.

I don’t know how to handle this Literature question and need guidance.

Write some sentences to give suggestions to following proposals. (Couple sentences will be fine, no need to write an essay about it)


  1. What more could/should the writer research about the significance of the text, the stakes of translation, the advantage of having a human versus a machine translator?
  2. How might power relationships between the source and target languages influence whether you lean toward “domestication” or “foreignization”?
  3. What are the basic differences of writing system, grammar/syntax, and cultural presuppositions between source and target languages? What technical challenges is the writer most concerned about at this stage? What advice can you give them?
  4. Ethical questions: What is the “other” to whom you, as translator, have an ethical responsibility? Affective questions: do you have a personal affective stance toward this text; do you want your reader to have one; and if so–how could that influence your translation decisions?
  5. Given all that you’ve learned about this project, do you have suggestions about which of the assigned readings for this quarter would be good to reference in the commentary?

Peer review, give some comments on 2 proposals

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