Pepsi Lipton Case Analysis

Pepsi Lipton Case Analysis.

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This assignment is a reflection on the Pepsi Lipton Case Study in your Harvard Business Report Course Pack. Based on the questions below, you should organize and present your case in a written report. The following is a list of components to make sure you include:

1.Succinctly define the situation (no more than 15-20% of the paper).

2.Enumerate the options to be considered.

3.Weigh each option’s positives and negatives.

4.Declare your decision.

5.Provide support for your decision.

Case Study Questions

What does Mekanism mean by engagement?

How do they attempt to increase engagement with the brand using viral ads?

How are the ways in which target consumers view ads in each media different?

Can these (see above) behaviors be factored into a sing measures that compares the benefit of each media?

What are the benefits of each media?

Should Brisk be advertised on primetime TV or with Viral ads following the Super Bowl?

Pepsi Lipton Case Analysis

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