Personal experiences that shaped your academic journey

Personal experiences that shaped your academic journey.

I don’t know how to handle this Application Writing question and need guidance.

Are there educational, personal, cultural, economic, or social experiences, not described in your statement of purpose, that have shaped your academic journey? If so, how? Have any of these experiences provides unique perspective that you would contribute to your program ,field or profession? (Applying for business analytics)

What I really need is some inspiration so be creative. I would like the essay be story-telling like.

I am thinking about growing up in a business family shape my value and characteristics that shape my approach in academia. Maybe make up a story/experiences of how I saw my parents putting in endless hours of work, planning, and resolving to establish their business from the ground make me of a reliable and principled person, enabling me to adapt to different environments favorably and to tackle problems rationally. Or it can be something else about this background, I am open to different ideas. But make sure connect it to my academic journey. I came to US in 8th grade and overcome a lot of differences in terms of religion (I went to christian school and stayed at a christian host family; before I never had any knolwedge/experience with this religion or any religion at all)and classroom differences, achieving good grades.

Please make sure the essay answer all questions the prompt asks.

Thank you!!!

Personal experiences that shaped your academic journey

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