persuasive essay about breast feeding

persuasive essay about breast feeding.

For this project piece, revise your persuasive essay based on the following criteria:


 An introduction paragraph that introduces your topic, contains your thesis as the last sentence, and shows a pattern for developing your Persuasive argument to come (inthe Body) in the rest of the Essay .                10


 A minimum of three body paragraphs that contain in-text citations as part of your support for your position taken in the thesis statement according to the pattern of development.    30


summary paragraph that concludes your Persuasive Essay peryour Body argument touching on your thesis as well as somewhere in the Essay you have covered the acknowledgement of the other side of your controversialtopic.         10


Your cover sheet, Word file set-up, in-text citations, and reference page will list all of your recent sources correctly in APA style formatting.              10

Proof your essay for grammar, mechanics, and spelling.      10


Your Persuasive Research Essay Final Draft shows you have applied revision and editing strategies to the RD to strengthen the essay.          10

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persuasive essay about breast feeding

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