persuasive request in writing

persuasive request in writing.

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Writing a persuasive request for a nonprofit

See the attached email from a local non-profit of a recent persuasive email sent to their established audience appealing to additional donor sources. Note the emotional appeal as well as the “storytelling” style of the body.

example e-mail will be posted below

You will write a similar persuasive appeal email for a non-profit of your choice (local preferred but not required) seeking to garner donations, request volunteers, invite to participate in a new program or event, or some other cause of your choosing. Review their existing website, social media, or other sources to better understand their tone and style and to make the language of the appeal match as well as it can. Review the guidelines and expectations in Chapter 10 to properly craft the message. You will NOT copy from an existing communication or publication to complete this assignment– it should be your original work.

To complete this assignment, submit your document (.docx or .pdf only) in a similar manner, including:

  • Name and website or social media of the non-profit
  • Audience being sent to (could be established, new, a mixture)
  • Subject line
  • Body of the message
  • See Chapter 10 for style and content expectations and guidelines, including proper appeals and closings

persuasive request in writing

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