PH 101 Aristotle’s sense of virtue.

PH 101 Aristotle’s sense of virtue..

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.Understanding “virtue” in Aristotle’s sense, what are the “virtues” of a business leader?Are these virtues compatible with moral virtues?If so, how so?If not, why not?Please explain yourself thoroughly and draw from Aristotle, Nussbaum, and/or Walker in your response to these questions.

Length:Essays should be approximately 3 pages – no shorter than 750 words, no longer than 1050 words.Please provide a word count at the top of the first page.Exclude header, footer, and bibliographic information from the word count.

Format:Please double-space, use a standard font setting (e.g., Times New Roman size 12), print single-sided, and staple your pages together.Citations can be in any standard form (e.g., MLA, Chicago, APA) so long as they are clear and consistent throughout.

PH 101 Aristotle’s sense of virtue.

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