physical science 10839103 2

physical science 10839103 2.

Electricity and Magnetism

Step 1- watch the following:

  • Watch the video “The Science of Lightning” in the Instructor Insights section. You can also watch it at:
  • Watch the video “Why the Earth’s Magnetic Field Matters” in the Instructor Insights section this week. You can also watch it


Step 2- Respond to the following:


  • How do scientists believe lightning forms? Be sure to use the terms: electric charge and electric field.
  • Why are we always told not to be the highest thing around when lightning strikes? Use what we have learned to explain why this is a bad idea!

(magnetic field)

  • Why is planet Earth capable of sustaining life, but Mars is not?
  • How is the Earth’s magnetic field important to us? What would happen if it suddenly disappeared?

Step 3- Independent research

Research and report what creates the magnetic field that surrounds our planet. Suggest reasons why Mars does not have a magnetic field. Please include a link to the article or site where you found your information

physical science 10839103 2

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