pj4 one page

pj4 one page.

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In order to diagnose incidents, asking questions allows you to gather information needed to find the probable cause and identify a solution.

  • Create your own problem-solving checklist by selecting a device or an application that you are familiar with and use regularly. Your original checklist should contain at least 10 questions that an analyst can use to diagnose most incidents that customers may encounter when using the selected technology. The questions can be Yes/No questions or Wh- questions. Refer to Chapter 6 pp. 234-237.
  • On another page, create a go-to solution file that specifies the possible next step to each of your 10 questions. For example, if the customer answers “Yes” to a yes/no question, what would be the next possible step/action? Or if the customer says that the application stops working at a certain point, what would be the next step? Refer customer to another department or diagnostic tool?

pj4 one page

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