please create a flow chart for revenue cycle

n the attached document you will find a description of the Revenue Cycle for Innovius. Use the summary provided to prepare a flowchart. Prepare the flowchart using the guidelines and appropriate symbols as described in Chapter 3 of the textbook. The flowchart should be well-formatted and easy to follow. Prepare the flowchart using LucidChart ( Also, view the grading rubric above to see the criteria used for grading this project and the hints on how to prepare Flowcharts and for using LucidChart here and in the separate folder on Blackboard. Submit the ONE file for the Flowchart Project on Blackboard using this assignment tool on or before the due date.

1. Select “Start Free Account” turquoise oval at the bottom of the screen.

2. Select “Education” and “Student” and then “Individual Business”. You may skip the “Invite Team Members”. Next naviage to “Educational”.

3. Follow all of the instructions to sign up and create an account.

Also, please see the related videos and “How to” step-by-step resources located in the folder labeled “Lucidchart – – – TUTORIAL VIDEOS, Step-by-Step Instructions, & Flowchart Hints…” to learn how to use Lucid Chart for the necessary assignments coming up for Chapter 3 and Chapters 7 & 8.